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Garage Door Service

Frayed cables? Misaligned tracks? Count on CT Garage Door Repair San Marcos for fast services. There is a lot our company can do for you! When it comes to repair services, we can either fix parts of the door or service the system so that you won’t have problems tomorrow. Trust our team to fix the bent track and damaged panel. If their damage is irreparable, we suggest their replacement. Sometimes, replacing parts is the most cost-effective and practical solution. What we care about is to make sure your garage door performs well, smoothly and safely. In order to ensure these things, we provide same day repairs but also routine garage door service in San Marcos, Texas.

We are expert garage door repair techs

Garage Door Service San Marcos

Our garage door service experts in San Marcos will be there to fix any part of the system. Is the cable damaged? Is the spring broken? Is the chain of the opener sagging? We fix parts in a timely manner. Our service trucks are equipped with a wide range of spares and tools. When we arrive at your home, we troubleshoot to identify the reasons for the door getting jammed or not closing all the way. Is there a problem with the opener? Are the pulleys broken? Our experts evaluate the condition of the problematic part in order to do the right garage door repair work.

Our repair services might include:

  • Adjustment of the spring, opener settings or chain
  • Bent track repair
  • Door off track service
  • Rollers replacement
  • Spring repair and broken spring replacement
  • Panel repair
  • Opener repair

Count on our routine garage door service

Although we take care of urgent needs fast, we also offer preventive garage door maintenance. With annual inspections, reverse system testing, adjustments, lubrication and several more repair tasks, we make sure the door and its opener work safely. Not only do we prevent problems and accidents, but we also prolong the lifespan of your door. Call us to replace the weather stripping or the broken spring! Get in touch with us any time you need San Marcos garage door service and repairs!

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